Boots is my most precious boy. I have had him since he was 7 and he is now 22. He is quiet and dependable and very easy to ride. As you can appreciate, I don’t use him much anymore, and I really only use him for kids lead rides and little people.


Ted is my big boy. He is a thoroughbred, but was never raced. He is so dependable and just keeps on keeping on.


Jag is Standardbred horse. He is a big boy and needs a strong rider. With that being said, he is the first horse to come up to the gate and get a pat


Toohey has been with me for 10 years now. He is older and wiser than most of the other horses, but he is a solid horse that enjoys just cruising at the back watching over everyone.


Romy is big and strong and just plain lovely. If you think that you are a little big to ride a horse, this boy is for you. He just cruises along because that’s what he likes to do when we all go for a ride. PS…he does have a maximum weight 🙂


My little girl. She’s little but stocky and great for a beginners. She gets on with all the other horses, so she is happy to just walk with the pack.

pablo 2


Pablo is a forward moving boy. He likes to be at the front, so I use him a fair bit as my lead horse. He is not suitable for beginners, but is a nice little challenge for intermediate riders.



Henry is big and beautiful. He is very forward moving and can be a bit of a challenge, but he is not nasty and responds well to good riding. Not for the beginner, but great for someone that likes an interesting ride.