Boots is my most precious boy. I have had him since he was 7 and he is now 24. He is quiet and dependable and very easy to ride. As you can appreciate, I don’t use him much anymore, and I really only use him for kids lead rides and little people.


Ted is my big boy. He is a thoroughbred, but was never raced. He is so dependable and just keeps on keeping on.


A little horse with a big heart.  Charlie is for my beginners and never puts a foot wrong.  Everyone loves Charlie..and you will too.


A big beautiful grey boy with lots of get up and go.  Not for the beginner.  I use him as my lead horse, but if you want some can have a go.


Romy is big and strong and just plain lovely. If you think that you are a little big to ride a horse, this boy is for you. He just cruises along because that’s what he likes to do when we all go for a ride. PS…he does have a maximum weight  🙂


My little girl.  She’s little but stocky and great for a beginners.  She gets on with all the other horses, so she is happy to just walk with the pack.


DJ is like a big puppy dog.  He loves being around you and is very solid on the ride.  He does have a bit of get up and go as he is part Arab, but he knows how to behave when ridden well



Henry is big and beautiful.  He is very forward moving and can be a bit of a challenge, but he is not nasty and responds well to good riding.  Not for the beginner, but great for someone that likes an interesting ride.